We have provided modifications (addons) for the popular OptionCart Sitebuilder Note 1 software versions  2.7x thru 2.8x.


  • The Modmeister has been on the "cutting edge" providing ten (10) modifications for eight (8) cart versions and two (2) PHP versions;
  • Attempted to keep current video instructions link for each;
  • Upgrade paths were designed for each;
  • All mods were compatible with one another;
  • Provided notifications via the administration area of modification updates change logs.


This has been an extremely successful venture, but has become quite involved with the many versions of the modification, depending on which cart or PHP version was used. We will

  • continue to provide assistance for those whom have already purchased and installed a mod;
  • be curtailing our efforts for modifications for the 'older' cart versions;
  • concentrate on the new release. 


We are pleased that the next major release of the OptionCart Sitebuilder software (3.0) will include many of features these mods provided.

We will offer:

  • input on best upgrade paths;
  • assistance in upgrades;
  • cart installations .....

This site has been designed with the basic 'out of the box' OptionCart Sitebuilder Version 2.93 software and PHP version 7.0.13

Note 1: This is the popular cart system which you see on many different sites, typically branded with their names, such as: AlohaShop; Bizzy Boutiques; Designer 218; Dezignspot; DIY eStores; DIY Shoppe Designer Cart; DIY Shoppes; Easy Boutique Builder; Eco Chic Hosting; Little Fish eCart & Site Builder; MerchantMoms(MerchantMoms Cart for Mal's ); Mia Shops; Pappashop; Posh Carts; Simple Site Catalog; Shoppe Pro(Starter & Professional plans); Solutions Cart; or WAHMShoppes Feature Cart etc.

If you are using one of these cart systems, PLEASE contact them first for assistance - different shops have different setups and they can best direct direct you - if you have ended up "on your own", we are here to assist you. Not sure if your system is a OptionCart system? .... contact us for assistance.